Technical Tours at AFC 2018

Hosted by Coachella Valley Water District & Desert Water Agency

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Annual Fall Conference (AFC) 2018
October 22-25, 2018
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California Water Rate Setting Under Proposition 218: A Practical Guidebook

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Steve Hernandez
Photo Credit: Steve Hernandez

Steve Hernandez, Owner
WaterWise Pro

"My first CA-NV AWWA conference was about 16 years ago and the same sense of belonging I felt back then has become deeply rooted through the course of my career.

Each and every event that I have attended has been a great experience and loaded with opportunities to learn a new variety of information, practices, Industry equipment and technological advances.

2018 has been packed full of excitement and new opportunities with CA-NV AWWA starting with the Operator Symposium event March 27 & 28 in Burlingame, CA. It was a sold out event in which I attended both days for the Water Operator Pipe Taping & Hydrant Hysteria Competitions. This year's events were (in my opinion) the most competitive I've seen. The Operator Competitions test skill, ability and knowledge of some of the top industry professionals. The competitions are great for….”

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Photo Credit: ACE 2018 AWWA
L to R: David LaFrance, Dr. Issam Najm, Brenda Lennox

Dr. Issam Najm, President
Water Quality & Treatment Solutions, Inc.

“I was honored to receive the George Warren Fuller award from AWWA at the Annual Conference in June 2018 in Las Vegas. I have been a member of the AWWA family for 33 years, and I can't imagine how my career would have been without this great organization. Aside from the professional development that I have gained from my involvement with AWWA, I am also very grateful for all the friendships that I have enjoyed over the years from participating in AWWA activities. Thank You!"