Technical Tours

Technical tours are an additional fee that should be added at the time of Conference Registration submission.
Bus will load at 7:30 AM at the East Porte Cochere located in the back valet area of the first floor of the Atlantis Casino

Truckee Meadows Water Chalk Bluff Treatment Plant Tour
Tuesday, October 24 at 8 AM

Chalk Bluff is one of ​Truckee Meadows Water Authority's highly efficient water treatment facilities that captures raw water from the Truckee River. Once the raw water reaches the Treatment Plant, it enters the Raw Water Basins for pre-treatment and a series of screenings, filtrations and disinfection process. After the disinfection process the flows to the finished water reservoirs where time is allotted for chlorine contact to ensure thorough disinfection. The reservoirs also act as storage to help meet daily fluctuations in customer demand.  Chalk Bluff has the capacity to treat 90 million gallons of water a day. When needed, this capacity can be expanded to treat an additional 30 million gallons per day.

Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility Tour
Wednesday, October 25 at 8 AM

Ever wonder​ where that good, clean water goes when your customers are through with it?  Come see the “other end of the pipe” and the processes necessary to make the water safe to return to the environment.  TMWRF is the largest wastewater treatment facility in Northern Nevada, treating the majority of the water for the Truckee Meadows.  While it is a 50 year old facility, it is meeting some of the tightest discharge limits in the United States through physical, chemical and biological processes.