Notice of Special Membership Meeting to Approve Revised Section Bylaws

April 11, 2017 · 9:00 a.m. · Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California

Dear CA-NV AWWA Member:
A special meeting of the membership will be held to consider and vote on the following proposition, submitted by the Section Governing Board:

Shall the Bylaws of the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association be approved as revised?

In accordance with “Article X–Amendments“ of the Bylaws of the California-Nevada Section, AWWA, this Notice provides thirty (30) days for the membership to review the revised Bylaws , as proposed for approval by the Governing Board.

The Need for Revision

In 2016 your Board began a thorough review and revision of the Section’s governing documents, which currently include in order of authority: Bylaws; Rules and Regulations; Board adopted policies; and finally various plans and guidance documents. The review was deemed necessary to ensure the Section’s governance is aligned with the Association’s guidelines and conforms to all applicable laws. Substantial differences were noted between the current bylaws, last amended in 2008, and the most recent standard template for Section bylaws provided by the Association.

The Revision and Approval Process

Former Section Chairs Phil Brun and Sue Mosburg, supported by Executive Director and Board Secretary Tim Worley drafted a revision of the Section bylaws based on the Association template. The current Section bylaws include much more operational details than are typically found in bylaws, making even simple changes cumbersome and difficult. The revised bylaws omit much of the unnecessary detail, which instead will be included in a Section Policy Manual that may be changed and updated by the Board as needed. Because the bylaws occupy a fundamental place as the “constitution” of the organization, several steps are required for their amendment or adoption: (1) approval by the Section Governing Board; (2) approval by a vote of Section members; and (3) approval by a vote of the AWWA Board. A first draft of revised bylaws was presented to your Board for comments in October, 2016.
A draft was then presented to the Board for approval in December, 2016, with two additional provisions:

1) the Executive Committee was authorized to make changes in the final draft to ensure compliance with any requirements of the Association, which was then updating its template for Sections; and
2) a business meeting for Section members was authorized to be held at the Spring Conference in April 2017 to conduct a vote on the bylaws as revised.

Concurrent with Association review of the Board-approved draft revised bylaws, a review by Section legal counsel recommended additional language to ensure compliance with California law. (Although the organization is incorporated in Nevada, by operating in California it is subject to certain laws of that state as well.) With all comments addressed in a final draft, the Executive Committee of the Section’s Governing Board approved the revised bylaws that are now presented to the membership for a vote. If approved on April 11 at the Opening Session of the Spring Conference, the final step will be a vote by the AWWA Board at its meeting in June, 2017.

Review and Voting

The current (2008) Section Bylaws, and the revised version presented for approval by members are provided below.

This notice was distributed by electronic mail to all current members of the California-Nevada Section of AWWA, as of March 8, 2017. Additionally, this notice with both current and proposed versions of Section Bylaws will be prominently posted for review on the Section’s website, at Only members in good standing of the California-Nevada Section of AWWA may vote on this matter.
The vote will be held at the Spring Conference, Opening Session, scheduled: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 9:00 a.m. Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California

Additional Documentation

The documents below download automatically to your computer.
2008 Bylaws
2017 Proposed Bylaws