Backflow Programs Committee

The purpose of this committee is to: (1) encourage and assist water utilities and other agencies having jurisdiction to begin, develop and refine cross-connection control programs; (2) Address specific conditions, piping arrangements, and water using equipment to determine appropriate backflow prevention guidelines; (3) Provide liaison with California and Nevada state health departments and other administrative authorities regarding the interpretation/development of respective regulations and formulation of guidelines; (4) Produce workshop/seminars on backflow prevention/cross connection control. The committee reports to the Water Distribution Division.
Full NamePositionPhone
Paul H. Schwartz, P.E.Secretary(213) 740-2032
Ben C. BennettMember(408) 734-3569
Christian A. CastaingMember(760) 233-3279
Henry W. ChangMember(213) 740-2032
Robert E. ClarkMember(415) 761-8931
Jeffrey Edwin FlyntMember(760) 803-5080
Mark A. JohnsonMember(714) 399-1772
James LeeMember(951) 928-3777 x7907
Jason R. MayorgaMember(916) 316-4506
Kenneth L. PayneMember(650) 652-3132
Fred E. StaufferMember(760) 745-5522
Gina L. EnriquezStaff Liaison(909) 291-2100
Steven J. GarnerStaff Liaison916-889-8465