Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Section shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Immediate Past-Chair, and the AWWA Directors. The Committee will schedule meetings as needed to conduct Section business in an efficient manner. The Committee shall meet as required for the purpose of making recommendations to the Governing Board and to take such action as may be needed between meetings of the Board. The Executive Committee may approve Section expenditures not foreseen during the budget process.
Full NamePositionPhone
Heather L. Collins, P.E.Chair(213) 217-7558
Kirk D. MedinaPast Chair(719) 210-5295
Uzi DanielChair Elect(301) 660-6245
Katherine S. NuttingVice Chair(310) 767-8200 x500
Craig M. Thompson, P.E.Treasurer(925) 949-5826
James P. ElliottAssistant Treasurer(562) 299-5124
Tim WorleySecretary(909) 291-2102
Phillip W. HoldernessAWWA Director(661) 330-4440
Sue MosburgAWWA Director(619) 409-6882