Local Arrangements Committee

A Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) handles the preparations for either a Spring or Fall Conference. Each committee must coordinate closely with several Section officials over a two-year period. The Governing Board has final location approval for future Spring or Fall conferences. Once the Conference Director has their approval, a 'Host Utility' is selected, who then names their 'Local Liaison' to manage early details. A full committee is selected at a later date and the Local Liaison serves as committee chair. The coordination of activities such as Spouses' Tours, Entertainment, Technical Tours, Publicity, Registration, and Program Monitors shall be delegated to committee members under the supervision of the Conference Director. One member of the current Spring LAC is selected to serve as a delegate on the Pipe Tapping Contest Committee to assist with contest preparations. At the close of each meeting or conference, the Section hosts a farewell luncheon for the outgoing LAC. Locations and other information about meetings and conferences will be published in each issue of "SOURCE." Specific information regarding a Meeting or Conference may be obtained by contacting the Conference Director, Local Arrangements Chair or Section office.
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