Operators Committee

The purpose of this committee is to build and support the Operators in the Water and Distribution systems. We are to build traing sessions for the Annual Conferences (Spring and Fall) to enhance the knowledge of the Operator. We are to solicit nominations for awards for the Spring Conference for six (6) total Operators Meritorious Awards, three (3) for Water Operators, and three (3) for Distribution Operators and one, (1) Exemplary Operations Supervisor. We are to solicit nominations for the Gimmicks and Gadgets Awards. It is our goal to find ways to support the Operators in the water industry.
Full NamePositionPhone
Daniel Armendariz, Jr.Chair(323) 388-7859
Gabriel AispuroVice Chair(707) 253-0822
Chris KaniaSecretary(916) 617-4870
Colter AndersenMember(925) 337-6726
Danielle BonhamMember(707) 648-4314
Christine E. BoyleMember(415) 935-9107
Stuart ColeMember(707) 553-7229
Jason F. FrinkMember(707) 649-3473
Robert JanowskiMember(707) 253-3566
Erin C. KebbasMember(707) 253-0822 x7135
Jesse L. WoodsideMember(707) 253-0822