Nominating Committee

1. The Section shall have a Personnel Selection Committee of five members appointed by the Section Chair prior to November 10th of each year and confirmed by the Governing Board through the Consent Calendar at its Budget meeting. 2. All committee members must be current members at the time of their appointment. They shall be appointed for three years and may be appointed for one succeeding term. At all times, at least a majority of the committee must be current Board members. Their terms shall be staggered. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the term of the original appointee. 3. The committee shall select candidates for Section or National office,whether elective or appointive, except that of the Secretary, and the Treasurer which shall be selected by the Executive Committee in accordance with Article V, Sec 7 of the bylaws. 4. For elective officers of the Section, this committee shall report to the Section at the annual business meeting of the Section and place in nominations of at least one eligible candidate for each of the offices to be filled (except for the Exhibits Committee Chair). Other nominations may be made by Section members from the floor. Nominations may not be closed until full opportunity has been given to permit nominations for the floor. The new officers shall then be elected by vote of the members present. Voting may be "via voce" or by ballot, at the discretion of the Chair. 5. For all other officers and officials, after consultation with the Divisions and Program Directors, the committee shall furnish the names of candidates for non-elective Section appointments of the Section Chair by May 15th of each year. Except for good cause, such nominations shall be ratified by the Board at its July meeting, through the Consent Calendar. Approved non-elective candidates shall assume their positions at the conclusion of the Fall Conference. 6. The committee shall review the performance of committee, program and division objectives and report such findings to the second yearly Executive Committee meeting.
Full NamePositionPhone
Steve A. DennisChair(925) 640-9449
Philip L. Brun, Jr.Member(707) 257-9316
Uzi DanielMember(301) 660-6245
Phillip W. HoldernessMember(661) 330-4440
Katherine S. NuttingMember(310) 767-8200 x500