Smaller Utilities Committee

The purpose of this committee is to identify the water quality and training needs of water systems serving less than 10,000 people. It is to plan and implement programs to meet these needs, including coordinating with the Education and Training Program Director, the Distribution, Maintenance and Resources Divisions in such planning and implementation.
Full NamePositionPhone
Jeffrey TarantinoChair(415) 534-7070
Steve TwitchellVice Chair(408) 205-6151
Kevin BarnesSecretary(916) 297-0289
Daniel Armendariz, Jr.Member(323) 388-7859
Kwanbena AsanteMember916-631-4573
William "Bill" J. CardinalMember(209) 768-6248
Holly CinkutisMember(707) 525-1222
Daniel EisenbergMember(559) 573-4388
Shelley FerrellMember(404) 835-6716
Michele HarveyMember(414) 460-7724
Keith JonesMember(800) 942-0722
Lynn LipinskiMember 
Bruce A. MaclerMember(925) 323-1180
James WollbrinckMember(408) 279-7804