Water For People Committee

The Water for People Committee is established to be the link to the national WFP organization and to take the lead role in helping bring awareness on global water issues and work with Section members to come up with creative ways to support WFP projects and programs. The committee will bring together section members who have an interest in the plight of water crisis in developing countries and a desire to make a difference through fund raising, educational campaigns and creative marketing.
Full NamePositionPhone
Gary R. LynchChair(657) 329-4049
Harsh AshaniVice Chair 
David VilcherrezSecretary(415) 554-3160
Christine E. BoyleMember(415) 935-9107
Uzi DanielMember(301) 660-6245
Wilbur FrehnerMember(702) 856-3540
Stephanie HearnMember(661) 716-3026
Jordan OllanikMember 
Bill PearceMember