Water Well Technology Committee

The committee shall be responsible for addressing all aspects of water wells and drilling. This shall include, but not be limited to, design, construction, operation, testing, efficiency, disinfection, maintenance, cathodic protection, aquifer water exchange, contamination prevention, gas discharge, groundwater discharge, rehabilitation and destruction of wells. The committee will provide liaison with Department of Public Health, Department of Water, Environmental Health Associations, CA-NV Groundwater Associations and other appropriate agencies to review, revise and develop regulations and guide lines pertinent to water wells. The committee will produce educational workshop and seminars beneficial to the Section members and people involved in the water industry. The committee reports to the Water Resources Division.
Full NamePositionPhone
Todd ArtripMember(916) 679-2883
Geoffrey BatesMember(661) 437-2000
Robert CollarMember(714) 535-7711 x355
Chris CoppingerMember(909) 286-6974
Crystal DirksMember(760) 621-8510
Hannah DunrudMember(916) 679-2899
Thomas GeeMember(408) 279-7886
Timothy C. GuishardMember(619) 589-9433
Robert C. HillsMember(909) 944-6060
Reinhard KlausMember(499) 277-9940
Russell John KyleMember(626) 379-7569
Kevin B. McGillicuddyMember(323) 263-4111
Kent O'Brien, PG, CEGMember(707) 478-9559
Edd SchofieldMember(949) 707-5918
Hector L. SegovianoMember(916) 679-2889
Eddy W. TeasdaleMember(530) 503-5877
Matthew T. UnderwoodMember(916) 869-7362
Dave VosslerMember(707) 523-1010