The Benefits of H2O Know for Water Utilities

Realize Cost Savings: Instructor-led training is expensive, time consuming and oftentimes inefficient. Online training reduces employee out-of-office or off the job time, administrative expenses, including overtime, fuel reimbursements and more.  Individual registered employees can take as many courses as they need and as often as they like for one full year!

Make Training Convenient: Online training is available 24/7 anywhere there is an internet connection. Users can complete mandatory training on their own time, eliminating the need to schedule training activities that rarely achieve 100 percent attendance. Users are able to complete courses and videos at their own pace, on their own schedule, helping increase memory retention and improve productivity.

Assign Courses with Start and Due Dates: Making sure employees have received mandated training can be difficult. Delivering training through a modernized learning management system is simple and efficient. With a few key strokes everyone's training is assigned and tracked. Administrators can assign courses with a begin and due date. Administrators will feel confident training assignments are not being ignored through email alert notifications.  These alerts keep everyone aware of upcoming deadlines and expirations.

Generate Reports, Track in Real Time: Easily monitor assignments completions in real time and generate comprehensive data reports, making record keeping simple and efficient.

Manage Department Protocols: Assign SOP's and other procedural activities for review that ensure compliance and acceptance of new departmental policies and revisions for all employees and request an electronic signature of receipt and acknowledgment.

Track Credentials: Utilities can customize their own credentials, or deliver one of H2O's pre-built "Certified Credentials" specifically for water professionals. Monitor progress, set alert notifications and generate reports with powerful tracking functionality. 

Licensing:  It's not easy for utilities to manage all of the various renewable licenses that expire on an ongoing basis. Whether it's a driver's license, or any other type of license that employees maintain, they can be tracked using H2O's powerful records management system. And best yet, alert notifications can set set BEFORE deadlines approach.

New and Existing Employee Orientation: H2O's pre-built includes a bundle of courses that touch upon important subjects to ensure all employees are educated on the expectations for workplace behaviour.  Titles include "Alcohol-Free Workplace", "Computer Security Awareness", "Sexual Harassment Awareness" and "Workplace Diversity", to name a few. Utilities can upload custom H.R. files and request an electronic signature of receipt and acknowledgment.  H2O Know offers more than 60 hours of valuable OSHA and online safety training courses.

Go Mobile, Go Paperless: Training can be delivered and records can be tracked anywhere. Also, online training enables utilities to "Go Green" and store files electronically, eliminating the need for endless paper records.