What is H20 Know?

H20 Know is a comprehensive online training and record-keeping program that delivers 60 detailed and affordable safety and technical offerings.  H2O Know not only delivers self-paced online training and contact hours but at a time and location that's convenient for your employees.  With this platform, Utilities can also take advantage of human resources and OSHA curriculum and print and store contact hour certificates.  

H2O Know allows Utilities to deliver custom training curriculum, resources and policy for their employees, and set alert notifications to stay on track for all licensing, credentialing and certification requirements.  With hundreds of classes available in H2O's online course library, it's not hard to find the right educational path for all of your employees.

All water classes have been designed to fulfill both the TECHNICAL & SAFETY "re-certification only" requirements for all levels of water industry professionals.

The Benefits of H2O Know for Water Operators:

  • Accessible 24/7, anywhere
  • Earn up to 92 Technical and Safety Contact Hours
  • Print Contact Hours Certificate anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible, work at your own pace
  • Take as many classes and as often as you need
  • One year period starts on date of registration
  • New courses are added on a regular basis (minimum of 3 per year)

For additional information email William Penn, Director of Educational Programs or call 909.291.2116

More Information

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NOTICE: We are experiencing payment transaction issues with H20 Know online education. If you experience this problem please contact William Penn at the Section to register for an H20 Know class. William can be reached via email at wpenn@ca-nv-awwa.org or phone at 909.291.2116.