Technical Program Committee

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Call for Abstracts Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet is in REAL TIME. It houses the responses from all of the potential presenters that have submitted an abstract. For the best viewing option, we recommend you download the spreadsheet as an Excel file, from the menu on the upper left corner.

Call for Abstracts Submissions
Click here to access the Call for Abstracts form.

Program Planning Template

Program Schedule
September 24th: Call for Abstracts goes out
October 15th: Call for abstracts formally closing date on website; link left open so Committees can have invited speakers upload their information
November 5th: Committees must submit the technical program to division chairs
November 12th: Technical programs must be submitted by the Divisions and Standing Committees to the Technical Program Committee
December 3rd: Preliminary technical program will be sent to Committees for review
December 28th: All changes to be submitted to Technical Program Committee
January 11th: Speaker notifications to go out
March 25th - 28th: SPRING CONFERENCE

Technical Program Contacts

Technical Program Director - Cari Campbell
Section Staff - William Penn, CA-NV AWWA