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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Section.  The selfless commitment and efforts of our members and volunteers are why the Section exists and prospers.  To recognize an individual (member/volunteer/customer) on this webpage, please contact Armando Apodaca, Membership Engagement Manager at

APEX 2017 Award for SOURCE Magazine

The Section's SOURCE magazine has been awarded the 2017 Award of Excellence in the category of Magazines, Journal and Tabloids - Writing.  Thank you to all our members that contributed articles that made this award possible.

Members and non-members attending the Section's Member Networking Reception in San Diego on June 22.  The next scheduled reception is September 12 in Sacramento.  Invitations will be emailed to Sacramento area members soon.

Sue Sims, External Affairs Group Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California accepts the Public Communications Achievement Award at ACE17 with Jeanne Bennett-Bailey, AWWA 2016-2017 President and David LaFrance, AWWA CEO.

John Marchand, Mayor, City of Livermore, CA. accepts the Distinguished Public Service Award at ACE17 with Jeanne Bennett-Bailey, AWWA 2016-2017 President and David LaFrance, AWWA CEO. 

Your CA-NV Section was awarded the AWWA Section Education Award at ACE17. Pictured are (left to right), David LaFrance, AWWA CEO, Sue Mosburg, Sweetwater Authority , Section staff member, Sita Ramakrishnan and Jeanne Bennett-Bailey, AWWA 2016-2017 President.

Partnership for Safe water logo
Congratulations to the CA-NV Section 2017 Partnership for Safe Water Award Winners presented at ACE17:


 5-Year Presidents Award for Water Treatment - Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Joseph Jensen Filtration Plant)

  Presidents Award for Water Treatment - Southern Nevada Water Authority (Alfred Merritt Smith and River Mountains Water Treatment Facilities)

  20-Year Directors Award - Southern Nevada Water Authority (Alfred Merritt Smith Water Treatment Facility)

  15-Year Directors Award - Contra Costa Water District (Bollman and Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plants)

  5-Year Directors Award - Southern Nevada Water Authority (River Mountains Water Treatment Facility)

The City of Fairfield North Bay Regional Water Treatment Plant has been awarded the 2017 Class II Wendell R. LaDue Utility Safety Award by the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

The San Diego County Water Authority's Emergency & Carryover Storage Project, built to protect the region from droughts and catastrophic disruptions to imported water supplies, has won the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (source: AWWA Journal May 2017 publication).

The following students have received 2017 CA-NV Section Scholarships:      

       Sonali Abraham, UCLA was awarded the Dr. Pankaj Parekh Memorial Scholarship ($5,000)
     ▪  Alex Gong, CSU Fresno, was awarded the Dr. Pankaj Parekh Memorial Scholarship ($5,000)
     ▪  Linh Kim, CSU Fullerton was awarded a Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
     ▪  David Lim, UC Davis was awarded a Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
     ▪  Maria Katrina Mendoza, Cal Poly Pomona was awarded a Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
     ▪  Madeline Wiegel, Loyola Marymount University was awarded a Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
     ▪  Luis Estrada, Jr. was awarded the One AWWA Operator Scholarship ($1,000)

The following students from the Section have received 2017 AWWA Scholarships:

     ▪  Lisbeth DaBramo, UC Berkeley was awarded the Bryant L. Bench/Carollo Engineers Scholarship
     ▪  Chelsea Cluff, University of Nevada, Reno was awarded the HDR Scholarship
Yukinobu Tanimoto, Stanford University was awarded the Hazen and Sawyer Scholarship

Congratulations to all of the students and operators listed above!

Section Awards
The Section gives out awards twice a year to honor those that have gone above and beyond in the water industry. These awards are a small way for the Section to give recognition to those that have volunteered their most precious resource....their time and energy.  

2017 Committee Award Applications

The California/Nevada Section Energy & Sustainability Committee is pleased to request applications for the 2017 Outstanding Energy Management Award.  The award is bestowed annually to water agencies which have exhibited outstanding energy management leadership in their operation of potable water supply, treatment and distribution systems or recycled water distribution systems. 

To be considered for the award:   An agency must be a current AWWA California-Nevada Section Utility Member. 

The award acknowledges:   Energy and energy cost savings attributed to innovative, significant (within the applicant’s utility) and transferable (to other utilities) techniques for energy management. 

For more information, please contact: Lorraine White at

Click  HERE  to download the 2017 Outstanding Energy Management Award application.

Awards Committee Webpage
Click HERE  to visit the Awards Committee webpage that lists all CA-NV Section and AWWA awards with applications.

If you would like more information about awards or joining the Awards Committee you can contact Committee co-chairs: Joe Guistino or Colter Andersen at