Mail Delay Notice: Please note there has been a delay in the receipt of items mailed via USPS. It is recommended that applications and forms are submitted via fax to CA-NV Section, AWWA Certification Program - (909) 481-4688 OR via email to

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification

The California - Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association offers a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification.

Each Backflow Assembly Prevention Tester applicant must submit the following items:

1) Completed application (all requested information)
2) Exam payment ($285 Members, $305 Non-Members)
3) A completed application which includes all requested information, and proof of qualifications, per Section 10 of the Rules
4) Send all the above to the Section Office no later than 20 days prior to the examination.  

       Mail:     10435 Ashford St., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
       Email:  Gina Enriquez  
       Fax:      (909) 481-4688
We are offering Proctor Training Saturday November 21, and December 12th
If interested please contact Gina at

CA-NV AWWA Certified Backflow Assembly Prevention Testers

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Exam Dates

Reduced Capacity & Increased Disinfection

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Exam BF - Carson City12/11/2020
Exam BF - Carson City12/12/2020
Exam BF - Carson City12/18/2020
Exam BF - Modesto12/23/2020
Exam BF - Rancho Cucamonga1/9/2021
Exam BF - Citrus Heights1/9/2021
Exam BF - Rancho Cucamonga1/16/2021
Exam BF - Sunnyvale1/30/2021
Exam BF - Rancho Cucamonga2/6/2021
Exam BF - Sunnyvale2/6/2021

Important Contacts

Gina Enriquez
Certification Specialist

(909) 291-2100

Steven Garner
Certification Manager

(916) 889-8465

Ben Bennett
Committee Chair
Certification Committee
(408) 734-3569

Become a Proctor

Are you interested in becoming a Proctor? Download the Application for Backflow Prevention Assembly Proctor .