Per the State’s Validated Water Loss Audit Reporting Regulations (link):

§ 638.4. Technical Qualifications for a Water Audit Validator.

(b) For purposes of Reports submitted on or after July 1, 2019, a water audit validator means an individual certified by the CA-NV AWWA as a water audit validator.
(c) An urban retail water supplier may conduct a water loss audit validation for its own water loss audit, provided that the individual performing the validation meets the requirements of this Section.
(d) A water audit validator may not conduct a water loss audit validation if he or she participated in compiling the water loss audit.

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For more information, please contact William Penn, Director of Educational Programs at 909.291.2116.

Water Audit Validator Certificate

Become a California Water Audit Validator

The Water Audit Validator course is a 3-day program designed to qualify individuals to perform Level 1 water audit validations in California. Water audit validators examine water loss audit inputs to consider the water audit's accuracy and document the sources of uncertainty. Per Title 23, Division 2, Chapter 7 Water Loss Control & Reporting urban retail water suppliers must submit validated distribution system water audits to the California Department of Water Resources each year. Individuals who successfully complete this course and exam will receive a Water Audit Validator certificate. This certificate is required to validate water audits.  The certificate will be valid for 3 years.
View the WAV Training Manual (AWWA Free Water Audit Software V5). 

3 types of training available (AWWA Free Water Audit Software V6):
   Initial Training - for those new to water loss auditing
   Water Audit Validator Courses - for those who will be validating water audits already compiled
   WAV Renewal Training - for those who are ready to renew their WAV

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  Sue Mosburg, Director, (pictured 3rd from right) and William Penn,
Director of Educational Programs (pictured 2nd from right)
accept the AWWA Section Education Award for WAV at AWWA ACE 2019.

Additional Water Audit Validator Information

Water Audit Validator’s must formally document the validation and provide proof of their work back to the Water System. These documents can assist with that effort:

Validation Report Template

Validation Notes Template
(Microsoft Word Document)

Why should you become a Water Audit Validator (WAV) through the CA-NV AWWA program?

  • Help your California urban water supplier comply with Senate bill (SB 555), and the water use efficiency framework
  • Professional Development
  • NOTE: a Water Auditor is NOT the same as a Water Audit Validator
  • Provide a required service to your client or neighboring water agency

Who can obtain a WAV Certificate?

  • Open to all interested persons including utility staff and consultants
  • Must have working knowledge of the water audit methodology (AWWA M36) and experience with the AWWA Free Water Audit Software is recommended

*Per SB 555, anyone who was not a contractor for the Water Loss TAP Program or who previously completed at least ten Level 1 Audit Validations must have a CA-NV AWWA certificate to do validations. The WAV training is the method the Section will be using to certify validators. All validators beginning with July 2019 submissions must have a Section WAV certification.