Drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment or water reuse operators working at facilities using advanced water treatment technologies and related control processes may be interested in earning the new, voluntary AWT Operator (AWTO) Certification. Earn up to 21 contact hours.


Following this workshop, learners will be able to: 

  • Outline the skills and knowledge that operators of advanced water treatment systems are required to have
  • Describe the reasons for implementing advanced water treatment systems
  • Describe the treatment processes that are associated with advanced water treatment
  • Describe the critical control points associated with advanced water treatment systems

Training Agenda

Day 1

  • Introduction to advanced water treatment
  • Overview of skills and knowledge required of operators of advanced water treatment facilities 
  • Treatment trains used for advanced water treatment
  • Advanced Water Treatment Processes:
    (1) Membrane filtration
    (2) Ozone
    (3) UV light
    (4) Advanced oxidation
    (5) Biological filtration/oxidation
    (6) Activated carbon 
Day 2

  • Learning strategies as they relate to engaging advanced water treatment information
  • Ancillary processes associated with advanced water treatment:
    (1) Corrosion control
    (2) Manganese & iron removal
    (3) Critical control points
  • Regulator considerations
  • Critical Control Points and monitoring criteria
  • Pathogens removal 
  • Trace organics & inorganics 
  • Nitrogen removal
  • Total Dissolved Solids considerations

Day 3

  • Disinfection byproducts considerations
  • Free chlorine disinfection
  • Ozone disinfection
  • Control systems
  • Critical control points 
  • Multiple barrier approach to treatment and public health 

*The AWTO Candidate Handbook and Exam Application are Ready for Download*

The Candidate handbook PDF can be downloaded on this page (note: a confidentiality agreement is necessary before downloading) https://www.awtoperator.org/handbook-download-form/ 

The AWTO™ exam application is ready to download as well (AWT3™ grade only) https://www.awtoperator.org/apply/


William Penn, Director of Educational Programs
                 wpenn@ca-nv-awwa.org or (909) 291-2116.