Water Treatment Operator Certification

The Section offers a professional certification for Water Treatment Operators.

Each Water Treatment Operator applicant must submit the following items.
1)    Completed application (all requested information)
2)    Exam payment ($190 Members, $215 Non-Members)
3)    Proof of qualifications: 

    • Be able to comprehend the English language to the extent that effective communications can be held with co‐workers and supervisors.
    • Have attained his/her 18th birthday.

4)    Send all the above to the Section Office no later than 20 days prior to the examination.

                      Mail:    P.O. Box 638, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
                      Email:   Gina Enriquez
                      Fax:      (909) 481-4688

  5)    RENEWAL - Click here to download your application or to renew your certification, please complete the Renewal Form.

When your application is approved you will be notified of various testing locations, including written and computer based options.  You will be allowed to schedule your exam at a convenient time and place.

Exam Options

There are two ways to take the exam, either computer based or traditional pencil/scantron.

Computer based
- you will go to a local testing center in your area and take the exam via a computer and results will be available immediately after you complete the exam. If you choose this option, please leave the exam site and date blank on the application form. Once your application is approved our testing center will notify you via email, to set your exam date, location and time.

Traditional pencil/scantron
- you will go to a scheduled exam site listed on the events and classes schedule (anywhere where it states exam, you can select for the Certification Exam).

Important Contacts

Gina Enriquez
Certification Specialist

(909) 291-2100

Steven Garner
Certification Manager

(916) 798-0220