Water Loss Control Committee

The California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association will lead a broad group of utilities and organizations that have come together to combat water loss in California. This partnership will improve knowledge of water utility personnel in the areas of identification and control of real or apparent losses from their systems. The Water Loss Control Collaborative will be a strong and coordinated program that makes use of the strengths of all parties involved. This program will reduce water waste, which will be of great value for more efficient utilities and more resilience during times of drought. Participants in the Collaborative will learn best practices to combat water loss.
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Kris WilliamsChairWater Systems Optimization, Inc.
Andrea AbergelMemberCalifornia Municipal Utilities Association
Lucy AndrewsMemberWater Systems Optimization, Inc.
Kevin BarnesMemberFluid Conservation Systems
David BeardMemberKern County Water Agency
Devon BeckerMemberAlameda County Water District
Joseph BergMemberMunicipal Water District Of Orange County
Danielle Blacet-HydenMemberCalifornia Municipal Utilities Association
Berlinda BlackburnMemberCoachella Water Authority
Drew BlackwellMemberCavanaugh & Associates
Dave BollandMemberBolland & Associates
Christine E. BoyleMemberBurnt Island Ventures, LLC
Cathleen BrennanMemberCoastside County Water District
Eric L. BrennanMemberBrentwood Public Works
Gregory L. BundesenMemberSacramento Suburban Water District
Jen BurtMemberGoleta Water District
Matt CamposMemberElectro Scan Inc.
Melissa CansinoMemberCity Of Pomona
Julie CarverMemberCity Of Pomona
Stephen CaswellMemberCarollo Engineers, Inc.
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