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Attention: The phone system at the Rancho Cucamonga office is currently down, we are working to resolve the issue. Feel free to email staff members , sorry for the inconvenience.  


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Upcoming Online Webinars

9/7/22 - Basic Water Treatment [Register
9/15/22 - UV Disinfection & AOP Technology [Register ]
9/19/22 - T1 - T2 Math Review [Register ]
9/19/22 - T1-T2 Review [Register]
9/20/22 - Water Audit Validator [Register ]
9/21/22 - T3-T4 Math Review [Register ]
9/21/22 - T3 - T4 Review [Register ]

Backflow Refresher
9/15/22 Backflow Refresher - Rancho Cucamonga [Register ]
9/15/22 Backflow Refresher - West Sacramento [Register ]
Backflow Tester
9/19/22 Backflow Tester Course - Rancho Cucamonga [Register ]
9/19/22 Backflow Tester Course - West Sacramento [Register ]

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Felicia James, Asset Management Lead
Carollo Engineers, Inc. 
"Being a member of AWWA has been an important part of my career from my first job after graduation in the mid-1990’s through today. Connecting with a community of peers outside of work provided me insight into the diverse aspects of our water industry from the perspectives of new entrants to 40-year career living legends. I particularly appreciate that no matter where my career has taken me, there has been a local AWWA section to be a part of. In addition to these connections, the knowledge exchange that happens whether at monthly guest-speaker events, conferences, or meet-and-greets early on my career path provided valuable examples of what it means to collectively contribute to and promote the work we do to deliver sustainable safe drinking water."

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